freya croppedFreya Sherlock began her training in Chinese Medicine in 1988 with a two year diploma. With this foundation woven into the fabric of her being, she juggled practising these formative skills and continuing professional development with raising four children, co-running the family organic farm and co-founding and project managing a Steiner-based school for 3-12 year olds on the farm. Keen to deepen her knowledge and skills, she undertook a four year BSc Hons level in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Tui Na medical massage.

Recognising the extraordinary medical tradition within Chinese Herbal Medicine she continued to ripen her knowledge with a two year PG Dip in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She is currently undertaking research into the Jing Fang Method of Shang Han Lun in pursuit of her Masters in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Freya teaches at the College of Oriental Medicine, Cork and will be launching her own College of Qi Medicine in September 2016.

Children and nurturing childhood have been central to Freya’s life work. With her own four children a constant wellspring of joy in her life, she has a special interest in supporting women to actualize their optimal health for fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. For this reason, she undertook further specialism training with a PG Dip in Gynaecology and Obstetrics with Dr. Trevor Wing and welcomes the opportunity to offer Chinese Medicine to women with its well-proven methods for naturally treating their health and fertility.

Freya runs a general practice offering Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine as a natural treatment option for a wide range of conditions, together with Tui Na remedial massage for musculo-skeletal conditions. In response to the emerging needs of the current health climate however, she is increasingly sought for natural fertility, neurological conditions and chemotherapy support.

Freya continually strives to plumb the rich depths of the fathomlessly deep medical tradition that is Chinese Medicine. She is in on-going training in Classical Daoist Acupuncture with Damo Mitchell and interning with Dr. Feng Shi-Lun of Beijing in the Classical Tradition of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Drawing on her experience as a mother, her two year training in Early Childhood Steiner Education, her decade of experience as an early childhood educator and her training in Parent Mentoring at UCC with Dr. Tony Humphries, she co-facilitates parent mentoring groups, delivering the Parent Plus Programme with the Dunmanway Family Resource Centre and gives private Parent Mentoring sessions in her clinic.

Consultations with Freya can be booked at:

1. The West Cork Natural Medicine Clinic, East Green, Dunmanway – by appointment Mon-Thurs 9am-8pm
2. The Kinsale Health and Wellbeing Centre, Kinsale – by appointment Fridays only 10am – 4pm

General practice consultation fees:

At the West Cork Natural Medicine Clinic: €50
At the Kinsale Health & Wellbeing Centre: €60
• Treatment may include Acupuncture, Tui-na, Cupping or Moxatherapy as appropriate
• First appoint generally 30-40 mins consultation with 20-30 mins treatment
• Subsequent treatments 20-30 mins review with 30-40 mins treatment

Chinese Herbal Medicine prescriptions

Prescriptions vary in price considerably depending on the composition and dosage required as the medicinals themselves vary in price. Typically, prices range from €25-50 per week (including p&p from the UK dispensary service) and are in addition to the consultation fee above. Generally 4 weeks worth of medicine is ordered at a time to economize on the cost of p&p and foreign exchange fees.

Fertility Treatment

Initial consultation – preferably both partners to attend: €100
Thereafter prices as above.

Parent Mentoring

Contact Freya to discuss your concerns and needs.