_MG_0846According to Chinese medical theory, some pathologies are driven by Internal Cold and Damp. Such diagnostic terms as Cold and Damp in Chinese Medicine are not literal but symbolic and are designed to capture and convey in a single word, a myriad of meaning among doctors and practitioners. However, should a condition involve such pathological factors, moxibustion is required whereby acupoints are heated with moxa, a herb that burns with an intense heat to powerfully mobilise the Qi and correct pathological factors.

IMGL0999Moxitherapy methods include:

  • Moxa stick: a rolled cigar sized stick of moxa that is held near the skin until the patient’s threshold of heat tolerance is reached.
  • Needle moxa: a small ball of the herb attached to an acupuncture needle and allowed to burn so that the heat gently transfers down the needle into the acupoint
  • Moxa cones: a small amount of the herb placed on the skin directly and allowed to burn until the patient’s threshold of heat is reached.

Conditions treated