With the triumph and delight in discovering you’ve conceived your precious baby, now the real work of staying pregnant, growing a super healthy baby and staying super healthy yourself is underway. Pregnancy care is multifaceted, addressing such issues as:

  1. Preventing first semester miscarriage
  2. Threatened miscarriage
  3. Alleviating morning sickness
  4. Fetal malnourishment, decline and failure to grow
  5. Gestational diabetes
  6. Keeping mum’s Qi and Blood in good, vitalised condition throughout pregnancy
  7. Turning a breech presentation baby
  8. Preparation for labour (and motherhood!)
  9. Supporting a happy, healthy pregnancy

Historically, Chinese medicine held particular reverence for the gestational process. It was considered vital that mothers-to-be were supported in having calm, relaxing and undemanding conditions in which to grow their child. This might seem a far-cry these days from the reality that many mothers live extremely demanding lives whilst they are gestating, often working right up to 38 weeks.

At The Natural Medicine Clinic, we can help bridge the gap between the profound understanding of the energetics of the gestational process for both mother and baby that Chinese Medicine offers and the reality of our 21st century lifestyle and needs. Having regular acupuncture, moxatherapy and in some cases CHM dovetails seamlessly with regular obstetric services and check-ups.

Joining the Holistic Pregnancy Group at West Cork Natural Medicine can provide some welcome additional support.  

Natural Induction

During the final weeks of pregnancy, attention turns to readying for labour and childbirth. For first time mums this can be both exciting and daunting in equal measure! From week 38 we gently start the process of readying you on every level. Typically this will involve 1 session in week 38 and 2 sessions per week thereafter. Generally this will successfully support a smooth transition to labour initiating smoothly.

Partners are enco

uraged to come to one of these birth preparation acupuncture sessions to learn a simple of sequence of acupoints that they can continue to practice at home on their blooming mum-to-be, both to support her smooth transition to labour and for offering some pain relief and calm during labour itself.

Breech presentation: Should a baby be presenting in a breech position in the final weeks of pregnancy, moxatherapy and acupuncture from week 36-38 can offer a remarkably effective solution in many cases.

History of haemorrhage: if a woman has bled very heavily or even haemorrhaged at previous births, please bring this to the team’s attention. Acupuncture throughout pregnancy can offer a lot to strengthen the physiological deficiency that commonly results in excess bleeding or haemorrhage.

Post-Partum Care

Recovering from birth, coping with the physical demands of a having a young baby such as broken sleep and breastfeeding are all part of the post-partum phase. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help women regain their strength and vitality whilst attending to post-partum issues such as insufficient lactation or post-natal depression.