Diploma in Massage Therapy

Our 2 year professional diploma in Massage Therapy is launching in West Cork this Sept, 2016. Colleagues Francis Fitzgerald and Freya Sherlock, both of whom lecture at the College of Oriental Medicine in Cork, are combining their expertise to bring quality training opportunities in Oriental and Holistic Medicine to West Cork.

This high quality professional training will include holistic massage, basic lymphatic massage, treatment of sports injuries along with pre and post event care for athletes, chair massage, geriatric massage, . In addition, this course will also include Tui Na medical massage, the extraordinarily effective modality offered by Chinese Medicine routinely practised in China’s hospitals to treat both internal health conditions and musculo-skeletal pathologies.

While students undertaking the Diploma in Massage Therapy will be methodically trained to confidently and effectively relieve and treat a wide range of sports injuries and musculo-skeletal conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome and arthritis, this training will further provide you with the skills to use tui na and massage therapy to also treat many different ailements such as fibromyalgia, sore throats, chest issues, digestive complaints and migraine.

In recent years Massage Therapy courses have become more and more specific in the type of massage they teach which in turn limits the abilities of their students once trained. We will be returning to the origins of massage and Tui Na with this training and show you how to use it with great success in treating many different problems successfully. Ordinarily, students would have to enrol in diverse institutions to accumulate the range of modalities being offered in this consolidated training at the College of Qi Medicine.

Students will complete ITEC in Anatomy and Physiology and be fully equipped with the level of skills necessary to set up as fully insured professional practitioners. Training will take place one weekend a month for nine months each year from Sept 2016- June 2018 at the College of Qi Medicine near Dunmanway. While no prior training in Massage Therapy is necessary, equally this course will enhance and deepen the skillset for those with some prior training or interest in the field. Francis and Freya are both dedicated practitioners and teachers of Oriental and Holistic Medicine and believe in creating a blend of academic and professional rigour with a relaxed and enjoyable learning experience

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The Tui Na skills learned during this diploma course may be carried forwards and further developed during courses planned for 2017 and beyond, a 1 year foundation course in Shen Dao Acupressure, a 3 year course in Acupuncture and a PG Dip in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Course Outline

Year 1
Holistic massage
Chair massage
Basic lymphatic massage
Introduction to TCM theory and Tui Na
Anatomy & physiology
Clinic practice and management
Year 2
Deep tissue
Stretching techniques
Sports massage & sports injury
TCM diagnostics
Tui Na medical massage
Business & ethics
Clinic practice and management

Course Faculty

Francis Fitzgerald began his career in 2005 training initially in holistic and therapeutic massage along with more advanced methods such as sports and deep tissue massage. He went on to qualify in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) and Tui-na Medical Massage with a 3 year diploma. Recognising the profound relationship between body and mind, he undertook further training in Kairos, an energy based therapy that works with the effects of both physical and mental/emotional trauma. Being a REMT (Remote Emergency Medicine Technician) aswell, Francis’ knowledge and skill reveals both the breadth and depth of his training. He currently runs his own private practice in Galway and lectures for the College of Oriental Medicine in Cork.


Freya Sherlock (BSc Hons level TCM/CHM, Lic. Ac, PG Dip CHM) began her career in 1988 with a 2 year diploma in Chinese Acupressure. After raising her four children she continued her professional development with a BSc Hons level in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) and Tui-Na. She has since also completed a PG Dip in CHM and is currently doing her Master’s degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She runs her own private practice at the West Cork Natural Medicine Clinic in East Green, Dunmanway and also offers a clinic on Fridays at The Kinsale Health and Well-being Centre. She lectures at the College of Oriental Medicine in Cork city. Although a general practitioner, she has a special interest in treating women’s health with conditions in gynaecology, obstetrics and fertility.


Diploma in Shen Dao Acupressure

This is a one year introduction to Chinese Medicine that aims to equip students with sufficient knowledge and skills to offer acupressure treatments in a lay capacity to friends and family whilst laying the essential foundations for further professional training.

Starting in Sept 2016, the training is comprised of one weekend a month for ten months.

Each weekend will be divided into four parts:

  • Saturday morning: Chinese Medicine Theory
  • Saturday afternoon: Meridians and Acupoints
  • Sunday morning: Treatment protocols and practice
  • Sunday afternoon: Personal and practitioner development

Continuous assessment, written assignments and final exam will form the basis for award of certification.

Price: €2,500 (payable in instalments subject to negotiation)


  • Some limited on-premises accommodation available.
  • Special B&B rates available at The Parkway Hotel once enrolled.

Please contact Freya Sherlock for more information on course content and practicalities.