Holistic Pregnancy

This support group is offered one evening/week in 6 week blocks and will be both informative and experiential. The programme aims to enrich the pregnancy journey, with the benefit of some of the valuable insights that Chinese medicine offers regarding the pregnancy and birth process while gently developing the skills and knowledge to enhance mother and baby’s health throughout the 9 months and beyond.

While there is considerable course content to draw from, each iteration of the programme will adapt to the needs and wishes of the current group in a responsive way. First time and seasoned parents are equally welcome as are couples or women attending alone.

Course Content

Content will include a selection of the following modules:

  • The Chinese Medicine view of the energetics of anatomy and physiology
  • The energetic development of the foetus month by month
  • Conscious gestation
  • Practices for wellbeing – mindfulness, heartfulness
  • Acuyoga – combining gentle yoga with acupressure for self care during pregnancy
  • The energetics of labour and birth
  • Acupressure for labour and birth (even if dad/birth partner hasn’t been able to join the rest of the evenings, it is highly recommended that the birth partner joins this session to learn helpful acupoints and protocols for latter pregnancy and labour)
  • The energetics of child development – knowledge is power and when it comes to raising children, having deeper insight in how to meet the pedagogical needs of our growing babies and children from a holistic perspective can be extremely helpful.

Please contact Freya for more information on the next iteration of this ongoing group.